Back Again

It’s odd, it seems like no matter how many times I stray from the path, I always seem to end up back here, wishing I had stuck with it.

It’s time to start over. It’s time to take my journey seriously. So that’s the goal, starting today officially. I will definitely not be the traditional witch. My path will be different than any others before me. But, that’s the point. Paganism is so beautiful because it allows for interpretation on a personal level. It allows for a truly unique experience for each of its followers.

I have chose to abandon the notion of God and Goddess, instead I believe in a single being. A supreme being. I refer to this as The Divine. I hope that by accepting this path, I will learn more about what it is to feel. I also feel that with the aid of Cannabis my journey will be truly sensational.

I hope this journey improves my life, I hope that it fills the hole that I can’t seem to shake. My life needs a change in direction, and this will be just that. Shifting my life entirely. Taking it back to where it all began.




Human Connection

I feel like today, I got very close to a good friend of mine. I am hoping that this relationship continues to blossom. Right now I am on a mission to really find myself. I need to know who I am and what I am capable of. I CAN do this and I WILL do this. Life is beautiful, even if it is the hardest thing we will ever do.

Third Eye Juice

For this oil you will need:

  • Mugwort
  • Yarrow
  • Spearmint
  • Lemongrass
  • Chamomile
  • Sage
  • Rosemary
  • Bay Leaves
  • Carrier Oil of Your Choice

Add all dry ingredients into a small jar. Then add intentions. Add in your oil and shake the jar. You can add a fragrance oil if you like. I did not for this particular oil.

This oil is to help with meditation, divination, and other mental magics.

Get Your Shit Together Oil

For this oil you will need:

  • Ginger Root
  • Clove
  • Hibiscus
  • Purification Spell Mix (Optional)
  • Bay Leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Sea Salt
  • Nutmeg  (Whole)
  • Sage
  • Fragrance Oil of Your Choice

You will also need a carrier oil of your choice. For this particular oil I used Canola Oil.

I began by putting each dry ingredient into a glass jar. For this oil I used a glass jar with a cork top. Any jar will do. After putting each dry ingredient into the jar I put in my intentions. Basically what I wanted to oil to do for me. In this case I wanted to oil to help me focus on tasks that I continue to put off. This has a wide range for me. From getting decent sleep, to getting to work on time, to even getting homework done. Once you have put your intentions into the dry ingredients you can add the oil. Once the oil has been added, put the lid onto the bottle and shake it gently. After the ingredients have been shaken together, open the lid and add however many drops of fragrance oil until you get the desired smell. Then close the lid and shake again. I used Spearmint for focus in my oil.

To use the oil I rub it down the underside of my arms repeating “Get your shit together, and get this done.” You may rub the oil wherever you like.

You could even anoint a candle with it and burn that as you work or do the task. I wouldn’t recommend burning the candle as you sleep, that would not be wise.

Contra Las Influencias Negativas

Contra las influencias negativas
Autora: Marcela para © | Copyright- ——————————
Este ritual nos permitirá crear una barrera de energía positiva que impedirá la entrada de las energías negativas de los que le rodean, pero debemos tener en cuenta que su efecto dura 24 horas, de manera que si hacemos debe ser utilizado dentro de ese lapso. Lo ideal es prepararlo cuando sabemos que entraremos en contacto con la negatividad de algún modo.
Necesitamos: una jarra de agua hirviendo, una pizca de sal t clavo de olor molido.
Preparación: dentro de lo posible en la hora mágica pero como dijimos, este sortilegio tiene una validez de 24 horas, se hará en el momento en que sea posible, horas antes de entrar en contacto con las energía negativas, que puede ser en una reunión de trabajo o familiar, un entierro, etc. Debemos proceder a tomar un baño de clavo de olor. Para ello, la noche anterior hacemos una mezcla con un poco de agua hirviendo y el clavo molido, hasta formar una pasta uniforme. Al día siguiente colocamos la sal en la pasta y la mezclamos hasta que la sal se funda completamente con el resto de la preparación; llenamos la bañera y vertimos la mezcla en el agua del baño. Debemos permanecer en este baño por lo menos durante siete minutos y luego dejar que la piel se seque al aire, para no retirar la capa protectora. Si se desea se puede realizar una oración de protección para reforzar la barrera. ¡Atención! Si tienes problemas en la piel, no realices este hechizo



This ritual will allow you to create a barrier of positive energy that deflects negative energies around the user. (THIS SPELL WILL ONLY LAST 24 HOURS) The spell is ideal when the user has an immediate risk of coming in contact with negative energy.

You will need:

-A pot

-Boiling water

– A pinch of salt

-Ground cloves

This spell should be performed during the witching hour on the day of the needed protection.

The night before the intended day for the spells effects you must make a mixture using small amounts of boiling water and ground up cloves to create a paste.

The next day you will mix the salt into the paste until completely dissolved. You must fill the tub and pour the mixture into the bath water. You must remain in the bath for at least seven minutes, and then allow your skin to air dry (DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE LAYER). If you would like you can create a prayer of protection to reinforce the barrier. ATTENTION!! IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN OR OTHER SIN PROBLEMS DO NOT DO THIS SPELL!!

Travel Talisman

For this spell you will need a piece of jewelry that you can wear on your travels.

You will also need a sigil for the following:

  1. Safety
  2. Protection
  3. Sense of Direction
  4. Confidence

You may use your own sigils or you may use one that someone else created.


  1. Draw a circle large enough for the piece of jewelry you have decided to use.
  2. Draw the sigil for safety at the top of the circle.
  3. The sigil for protection on the right.
  4. The sigil for sense of direction on the bottom.
  5. The sigil for confidence on the left.
  6. Place the piece of jewelry in the center of the circle.
  7. Place one candle between each sigil on the outside of the circle (a total of 4).
  8. Light each candle.
  9. Hover both hands over the jewelry.
  10. Focus your positive intent into the jewelry, channel a sense of security, protection, and happiness into the item. Imagine your positive energy flowing into the object, filling it.
  11. Chant: “Ubicunque peregrinationis meae protege me” (Protect me in my travels wherever they may take me)
  12. You may chant this however many times you would like to.
  13. Release the circle.
  14. Blow out the candles.

Your talisman must be worn or kept on your person to work effectively.